Responsible manufacturing…

Sunrise Bags firmly believe that we must apply ethical and fair trade manufacturing standards to all we do. Globalisation means that materials and labour can be purchased in parts of the world where costs are low, allowing savings to be passed onto the customer. As a result customers have become accustomed to – and expect lower prices and more choice. However concerns are often raised about working conditions in the factories and the cost to the environment caused by irresponsible manufacturing practices and waste. Sunrise Bags are committed to the well being of its employees and people in it’s supply chain. Stringent audit procedures are in place within our factories with both BSCI and Sedex membership.

Our Code of Conduct incorporates the below eight rules.
No use of child labour
No use of forced labour
Safe and healthy working conditions
Legal labour contract
Payment of a living wage
Freedom of Association and right to collective bargaining
No discrimination against employees
No excessive hours of work

We do not believe that the success of our business should come at the expense of the environment and our products are produced from recyclable materials wherever possible. In every aspect of our business we are a forward thinking company – positioning ourselves in the market as a leader.